Thought for the Day:

“No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent.”

Abraham Lincoln

Question for the Day:

Do you respect democracy?

Privilege is a dangerous thing.  Not only does it rob you of your empathy and ability to respect the needs of the disadvantaged, but the God complex is real!  I suppose for a rich, white man born into wealth, the world is expected to bend to his will.  Opportunities are abundant, resources are plentiful, favor is automatic, and trust is implicit.  The rest of us don’t understand what it feels like to say something, even in the complete absence of facts, and have it immediately presumed to be true. For us common folk, even video taped evidence of our assertions of foul play, are dismissed as wrong, mistaken or misguided. However, judging from the fierce defense of Donald Trump and the growing animosity over his fiery claims of “massive fraud,” a Trump speech has apparently become the new Bible.   Despite losing the electoral college by 74 votes, losing the popular vote by over 4 million, no actual evidence of widespread fraud, and over 30 failed lawsuits challenging the election results, Trump supporters still insist he was robbed.  Why? Because he says so.  It’s hard to comprehend that level of blind faith in one person’s claim that they were wronged, especially when most Americans went deaf when the families of Breonna Taylor and Trayvon Martin did the same.

I sincerely hope that come January 20, 2021, I will finally be able to put my angst over the election of  Donald Trump to bed.  But something tells me he’s going to continue to interrupt my rest with his crying because babies usually don’t like staying in their beds. If facts, proof, logic, and common sense all become unnecessary for privileged folks like Trump to win, then it’s no wonder he’s grandstanding on Fox News like the Great and Powerful Oz.  In his mind, he’s already neck and neck with Abraham Lincoln in terms of saving black people, but for his followers, his gift of salvation knows no bounds.  They hang on his every word and eagerly “stand back and stand by.”  They ditch their masks at campaign rallies so they can worship their god freely.  They wait in the freezing cold until their bodies give in to hypothermia just to touch the hem of his garment. And they donate millions of dollars to vindicate his loss, even if it breaks the bank. (Them tithes ain’t no joke!) 

I guess if I had that kind of affect on people, it would be quite possible for me to forget that I’m just a flesh and blood human being like everyone else, and don’t have the whole world in my hands.  This certainly appears to be the case for Trump because he’s been crip walking around the golf course lately like Ice Cube talkin’ about “The World is Mine N**** Get Back” as if 80 million of us didn’t just take our refusal to “Bow Down” to the polls. God complexes can also make one forget that everything doesn’t belong to you and you don’t always get your way.  It could also make it easy to forget that everything and everyone does not exist to fulfil your needs and cater to your ego.  Even the rich and powerful don’t have the right to trample over someone’s boundaries and force their will onto others.  I came across this tweet the other day, and it was the perfect summation of the ugly truth that lies beneath Trump’s inability to accept the fact that he is not wanted.

I’ve learned over the course of my social work career that all forms of abuse, including sexual assault, center around an insecure person’s desperate attempt to maintain power and control, and Trump is no stranger to this pattern.  Contrary to what some people might assume, I don’t consider myself a staunch Democrat, but I am a fierce defender of morality.  I made up my mind about Donald Trump when I first saw that video of him bragging to the host of Access Hollywood about how women “loved” being “grabbed in the p***y” and how he attempted to bribe a married woman with new furniture and “move on her like a b***h.” I knew then that he was a predator and had no respect for women, so later hearing that he had been accused of sexually assaulting over 20 women was no shocker.  It was also no surprise when he was found to have slept with a stripper while he was married, whom he lied about paying off in exchange for her silence.  Donald Trump has clearly never been a fan of consent.  If he wants something, then he’ll either buy it, sue for it, or just take it and the rest of us should just accept it as Trump’s will.  Yet, here’s the news flash Donny boy, all of us don’t worship you and for us, no means no!  Though you may be a serial predator who’s used to taking what you want, you can’t rape democracy.  Much like the women you abhor so much, she’s not going down without a fight.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Proverbs 16:18



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