Thought for the Day:

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time.  But if you recognize that your liberation and mine are bound up together, we can walk together.”

Lilla Watson

Question for the Day:

Do  you truly believe that white supremacy should end?

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here on this glorious Inauguration Day of January 20, 2021, to bid farewell to white supremacy.  As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris prepare to assume their roles as President and Vice President of the United States, we offer condolences to all of of the “patriots” who have finally succumbed to the white man’s true burden…. not getting what he wants when he wants it.  Our nation’s long history of coddling the white and wealthy at the expense of everybody else has finally hit a snag as the collective meltdown of thousands of bigots, racists, rednecks, KKK members, right-wing zealots, proud boys and hate mongering domestic terrorists on January 6, 2021 proved that all brain cells matter.

Like Donald Trump, a lot of white men might go insane without their privilege and the shameful display we witnessed on the steps of the US Capitol Building on January 6th, proved as much.  I know many of you are scared and are grieving the loss of your inflated sense of self.  Indeed, healing is a process.  Nevertheless, the jig is up!  Trump, racism, bigotry, and anyone who endorses any of the above can all exit stage left, chuck it up to deuces, and find their boxes, in my Beyonce’ voice,  “to the left, to the left.”  Joe and Kamala are about to come through and I believe they plan to represent for the America that the Constitution promised ALL OF US and I’m here for it.  Systemic racism and oppression have cost many marginalized people their lives over the course of the last several centuries and we celebrate this historic occasion on our ancestors’ behalf.  This inauguration is uniquely relevant as it not only represents the eviction of Donald Trump, but hopefully the continued eviction of this country’s low level of moral consciousness that has enabled intolerance, inequality, and injustice for far too long.  I know many wouldn’t agree that white supremacy is nearing its demise, but here are five indications that give me hope.

The Confederate Flag Finally Dies

Mississippi is arguably one of the most blatantly racist states in the country. It also happens to be my mother’s home state and my current home.  I’ve always had love for this state even though it hasn’t always had love for people like me.  The election of Donald Trump and the embracing of his race-baiting rhetoric have fueled the campaigns of our current “Govna” Tate Reeves and Senator Cindy “Hang ’em High” Hyde-Smith, who both have pledged their undying support for all things Trump. If there was ever a state that would dare initiate a redo of the Civil War, it would be Mississippi.  Though the Confederacy suffered a bitter defeat in 1865, many of the eleven states on the losing side of history still boldly represent for confederate ideology which includes the belief that slavery should have been maintained, black people only represent 3/5 of a person, and that people of color are genetically inferior to whites.  Even in this new millennium, you don’t have to go far to find remnants of Mississippi’s belief that the “South shall rise again.” The confederate symbol adorned the state flag through 2020 and continues to be the imagery of choice on t-shirts and four wheeler bumper stickers all over the state.   As legislators debated and brought forth proposals for a newly designed state flag that would unify Mississippians and become a symbol of the state’s growth, the good ole boys (and gals) complained.  They claimed they would rather die than fly a flag without their beloved confederate symbol.   Welp, I guess Mississippi’s mortuaries are gonna be busy this year because the old flag has died and the patriots have lost their battle…… AGAIN!  But since they’ve already cried about it for the last 156 years, what’s 8 (or 16) more. ijs Mississippi, Letting their Freak Flag Fly


Trump Lost!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, men like Donald Trump were raised to believe that this is their world and everything they want should be given to them without exception or objection. If they lose, especially to a woman or person of color, then the next steps are to just buy it, sue for it, use corrupted legal and justice systems to their advantage, or to simply just take it.  You can check any history book and plainly see that powerful white men expect victory and are more than willing to obtain it by any means necessary.  That privilege is apparently a booger!  Despite having lost the popular vote by more than 4 million votes and the electoral vote 232 to 306, Trump just couldn’t fathom how there could possibly be that many people who agree he’s trash.  He even stated several times that there was “no way” Joe Biden won that many votes.  Well, he might be right because everybody who stood in line on election day and intentionally figured out how to vote early or by mail, may not agree that Joe Biden was their top choice. However, we ALL agreed that he was a far more sensible pick than boss baby.  Donald Trump believes in his own righteousness so much that he assumed the Supreme Court he stacked would make it all better by handing him an unearned win.  Yet thankfully, the values this country was founded upon outweighed the power of Trump’s ego and over 50 courts upheld the election results and sent 45 a clear message.  “Donald Trump, you’re fired!”  No Means No, Donald!

Stacey Abrams Flips Georgia


Most of us are already well aware of the fact that black women in general have worked their behinds off in the name of our supporting our communities but are often given the least amount of credit for its continued survival.  Stacey Abrams is a prime example of how (in the words of Malcolm X) disrespected and unprotected a black woman in America can be, especially when she has the audacity to use her voice and stand firmly in her power. Unprotected: The Emotional Lynching of Black Women Despite being a Spelman and Yale educated lawyer, best selling author, and a seasoned politician with ten years of experience as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, key Republicans in the state still pulled out their bag of voter suppression tricks and stole her victory just as she was poised to become Georgia’s first female African American governor.  However, despite the upset, Stacey Abrams chose to do what black women have done for centuries which is to basically “show these fools better than she could tell ’em.” She took the high road by allowing intellect, strategy, and perseverance to become her legacy and thereby our legacy as black American women.  Abrams rallied Georgia voters and established her Fair Fight organization which helped ensure that disenfranchised communities received legal access to their constitutional right to vote.  Her efforts resulted in approximately 800,000 Georgians becoming registered voters who followed up their registration with strong voter turnout.  There was a time when flipping the notoriously red state of Georgia blue would have been unheard of,  but Abrams showed the world once again that you can’t hold a good woman down.  If this were a game of chess, Republicans may have advanced their movement, but they were unable to capture the queen.  With the White House, the Senate and the House all representing the blue, it’s game over for white supremacy and the political system that has supported it. My girl Stacey is somewhere hollering “checkmate!” cause she just won the whole doggone game. Who ‘gone check her boo?

Capitol Rioters  Play Themselves


On January 6, 2021, members of Trump nation were prepared to show the nation that they were about that life!  The president’s army of backwoods minions boarded planes, buses, 18 wheelers, and pick up trucks in droves to make their pilgrimage to the US Capitol for the purposes of starting a revolution that would hopefully keep Massa Trump’s dream of a second term alive.  Their ignorance and blind allegiance inspired what I consider white supremacy’s last stand as they attempted to steal the election and beat democracy to death with American flag poles. Yet much to their dismay, their pitiful excuse for an uprising turned into just another failed attempt to reclaim a false sense of superiority that seems to be the cornerstone of the white man’s self esteem. Their constant assertions that “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” fell flat as their reckless charge ended up claiming the lives of five people including a police officer.  They invaded the Capitol building, spread feces on walls, pissed in hallways, put their feet on the furniture, and smoked weed in the bathrooms.  Seems to me like the Capitol rioters didn’t have any more decorum than the students at Eastside High!  (RIP Joe Clark)  The bottom line is, all their talk of being the “law and order” party was obviously all a crock as their ghetto UNfabulousness ended up costing many of them their freedom.  Not only did the election results still get certified on time, but many of these geniuses are now scrounging up bail money and begging Trump to put some money on their books.  Again, all I can say is “don’t drop the soap” because my guess is Lamont and ‘nem on cell block D are waiting on y’all. *sips tea

Kamala Harris Will be the First Woman and Woman of Color to Serve As Vice President of the United States

My last and final example of why I believe white supremacy is on it’s last leg is because, as of today, the United States of America will swear in its first woman and woman of color into the office of Vice President of the United States.  No shade to Joe, but as far as I’m concerned, today is a celebration of Kamala and all that she represents for us as women. I’m Speaking! Not only will we have a woman making decisions and informing the decisions of those at the highest level of government, but she brings with her the unique perspectives of minorities, immigrants, HBCU grads, the Divine 9 and all women who’ve ever attempted to break that glass ceiling.  She is a walking demonstration of possibility and her presence in the White House, especially after four years of toxic white male masculinity, is as welcomed as a stroll across the yard during Howard’s Homecoming.   We see you Kamala and appreciate you for placing one of your chucks squarely on the neck of white supremacy.  In this moment, America finally feels like our country too, and we thank you.

In the end, it’s not about white or black, Republican or Democrat, gay or straight, or man or woman.  To me, it’s always been about right and wrong.  Denying another person equal access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not of God. Period!  If it was, Jesus Christ would never have risen from the dead with victory and all power in his hand because he was a poor minority with a different concept of God like many of the people white supremacy attempts to silence.  Like Him, we will continue to overcome the hate and evil of this world one heart, mind, and inauguration at a time.  So celebrate yourselves today, ladies.  We did it!

“For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords.  The great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes.”

Deuteronomy 10:17



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