Thought for the Day:

“People that know they are important, think about others.  People that think they are important, think about themselves.”

Hans Hansen

Question for the Day:

Do you consider the needs of others?

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, then you know that I am not a fan of Donald Trump.  Though some might take this as me being a staunch Democrat, the truth is that I don’t consider myself to be very partisan at all.  If I’m being very honest, I don’t really subscribe fully to either the Republican or Democratic party and don’t believe either of them have done much to empower the disadvantaged or ensure every US citizen has full access to the ever-illusive American Dream.  But what I do understand is right versus wrong, decency, order, honesty, morality, and common sense which is why I’ve developed such an aversion to Donald Trump.

People kill me when they suggest that those of us who don’t support Trump are leftist sheep who “don’t really know why we don’t like him.”  They suggest that we’re all CNN brainwashed, socialist tree huggers who are too lazy to get out there and earn our (inherited) millions like everybody else.  Yet, the truth is, I don’t even need to consider Trump’s platform because a) he never really had one and b) I don’t need to hear the platform of a man who struggles to condemn white supremacy, calls women pigs, mocks the disabled, and boasts of grabbing women by the vagina to determine it’s a “no” for me.  It doesn’t take a “very stable genius” to know that a man who has been accused of sexual assault and/or harassment by 26 women is not a good fit for president.  As a social worker and mother to children who will be inheriting this jacked up society, character is what’s on the ballot for me.  Yet considering the fact that Trump has even gotten this far is proof that character and decency are not the standards for everyone, and the latest person to wave the “I Don’t Give AF” flag in the face of human decency is none other than professional internet troll, 50 Cent.  Like Trump, 50 has proven himself to be a Twitter obsessed imbecile who has made it abundantly clear that the only person that matters is himself.

50 recently endorsed Trump via Twitter after learning that Joe Biden’s tax plan would cost the wealthiest people in the country up to 62 percent of their income in taxes.  Yes, that’s a lot in all honesty, but what’s happening to the average working person in today’s floundering economy is also a lot.  Over 200,000 people dead from coronavirus is a lot.  Millions of people out of work is a lot.  Migrant children being separated from their parents is a lot.  And, Black people dying at a disproportionate rate while in police custody is A LOT!  I could probably cry over the fact that a millionaire will have less millions to buy “bottles of bub” in the club, but it seems a little less urgent than ensuring over 20 million people maintain access to healthcare.  Both Trump and 50 are clearly unapologetic capitalists who are proud of their struggle to to the top and believe they deserve every penny they’ve earned.  Despite the fact that Trump’s humbling climb to the top started with a small million dollar family loan (no biggie) and 50’s began with selling crack, they’re both proud of the fact that they “started from the bottom.”

Though I understand how a White man who was born into wealth might think losing a few million is a “disaster,” even if it benefitted over 90 percent of the country, 50, on the other hand, needs to have several seats.  For a man who comes from Jamaica Queens, New York, he has surely seen first hand the effects of poverty and marginalization on communities of color.  I imagine he’s been on the receiving end of racial profiling and witnessed police brutality with his own eyes.  Growing up in poverty, should make him especially sensitive to the desperation felt by many in the Black community and keenly aware of the lack of resources and support to low income neighborhoods.  Yet instead of standing with his people, he dismisses Trump’s bigotry by blatantly stating  that he “doesn’t care if Trump doesn’t like Black people.”  Making this kind of a bonehead statement proves to me that he could care less about the well-being of the very people who made him rich.  News flash 50, it’s Black people that buy your music and watch Power so endorsing a candidate who craps all over your fan base tells me that you really are a P.I.M.P.  Only pimps are willing to sacrifice the lives, health, and souls of the people that support them most in the name of making money which is exactly what 50 has done.  Suggesting that the average Black person should take the hit so that you can stay rich is basically prostituting your community and we are NOT here for it!  So as far as I’m concerned, I hope 50 cent becomes 25 cent really soon.  And when it’s time to cut the check for that 62 percent, b**** betta have my money.

“Because of the privilege an authority God has given me, I give each of you this warning: Don’t think you are better than you really are.  Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us.”

Romans 12:3




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