Thought For The Day:
“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” -Steve Maraboli

Question For The Day:
Are you dying for a big butt?

So, I was listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show yesterday, and he was reporting that yet another woman had died from an increasingly dangerous condition that appears to be spreading quickly. No, it wasn’t HIV, breast cancer or heart disease. This newest epidemic has yet to be recognized by any medical board or association. It hasn’t been given an official clinical name, diagnostic criteria hasn’t been established and I doubt any empirical research has been conducted. But please believe, this deadly disorder is on the rise and those most at risk are women with low self-esteem, a distorted self- concept, confused personal identity, limited spiritual resources, and deficits in the areas of direction, vision, and purpose. The disorder in question: Toxic Butt Injection and Illegal Booty Implant Augmentation Gone Awry Disorder. Sounds ridiculous, I know, until you consider that the fatalities associated with this disorder are quite real and climbing steadily.

The most recent tragedy is one involving Wykesha Reid, a 34 year old nurse (catch it), who had apparently become addicted to butt injections and allowed two unskilled and unlicensed women with lengthy criminal histories to inject her rear end with a toxic substance that led to her death. Another woman who had survived the procedure administered by these two women, testified in court that when she underwent her procedure, her incisions were sealed with cotton balls and Super Glue (real talk). While trying to google this story to gather more information, I came across several similar stories. There was Tamara Blaine, a 22 year old student and mother of a young son who died in a seedy, pay-per-hour motel while having illegal butt injections administered. There was also Suyima Torres, a mother of two young daughters, who apparently paid $2300 to have her rump bumped only to be found delirious and wandering through a Miami mall before dying later from complications of the procedure. I even came across the story of Oneal Ron Morris, a transgender man, who became infamous for giving one woman a “toxic tush.” Morris was arrested for injecting his “clients” with Fix-a-Flat, glue, caulk, and cement. (Talk about a firm bottom) Anyway, there are many more stories like this all over the internet and it certainly begs the question, how does a woman get so desperate for assets that she is willing to put her life on the line to obtain them?

It seems so ironic to me because I’ve spent my entire life trying to burn my behind off while others are trying to squirt one in. Women like me who have toted massive bottoms around for most of our lives have gotten little more out of it than warnings from our physicians to cut the carbs. Yet all of a sudden, people are saving money, taking out loans, and likely paying notes on their butts. Now if plastic surgery is your thing, I can’t and wouldn’t ever judge you. If you can afford it and are responsible enough to identify a licensed professional who is trained to consider all factors that could jeopardize your health and take the necessary precautions, then so be it. However, some women are not patient enough to save the money for a physician-led procedure. In fact, most are not even checking the credentials of the person they’re allowing to manipulate their temple. Of course, you must care very little about your health if your clinician’s office operates out of the Motel 6. Nevertheless, butt injection shots apparently have turned into another underground criminal enterprise that has women meeting shady butt pushers in back alleys to facilitate deals. Let’s see, we have desperate people, the promise of relief, and unscrupulous hustlers willing to destroy lives for the right amount of blood money. Yep, sounds like every other addiction to me. And true to the nature of addiction, people are feening for their next fix, children are left without mothers, and lives are being lost all in the name of feeling better, no matter the cost or consequence.

Should we blame Kim Kardashian for this spike in booty addicts? Clearly, her butt has served her well and women seem to be aspiring to use their butts for financial leverage as she has. If Kim can be a porn star and still snag a husband worth millions, then maybe a donkey booty could work for them too. It’s true that big butts have their benefits. You will probably look better in Apple Bottom jeans, will be perceived as being better in bed, and will be equipped to take a mean rearview Facebook selfie. But at the end of the day, that gigantic, bloated, and grossly exaggerated donk you’re toting won’t do much more for you than that.   In fact, it is nothing more than another attempt to validate your desirability to men and prove you’re a hot commodity.  Even if you are “chosen” by a man for it, it’s only because there is a heightened interest in how you get down sexually. It does not mean that you are more respectable and worthy of love and commitment. Big butts alone don’t equate to being marriage material for men so if you think those butt injections will help you find a quality husband, then you are deluding yourself like Kim Kardashian.  If you are hooked on getting just one more injection or one more procedure to acheive the perfect bottom once and for all, then I’m here to give you a real kick in the butt. Distorting one’s body is not self-love, happiness, acceptance, validation, peace, or even beauty. It’s just a big old ass that says to the world, what I am is not enough, and I’m desperate for more. Self-acceptance is the key. The natural beauty we were created to be is always more than sufficient. It may sound cliché, but it will always be true that real beauty comes from within… no butts about it.

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